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Popcorn Movies

What are movies that you'll watch over and over? What makes a movie a "popcorn movie?" A movie where, even if you tune in during the middle of it, you'll sit and watch until the end? We go through some of our favorites, and look through other lists and see if we agree. What are some of your favorites?

Dan left Tanya in Charge

Another exciting episode that delves into the warped minds of the FC3 Monkey Business folks.

The Floor is Lava and Other Reality Shows

Have you seen Netflix's new show The Floor is Lava? We talk about that show, as well as other reality shows, present and past. Do you have a favorite? Have you had enough of them? Do you want more of them?

Questions? Questions!

Questions? Questions! Get to know the FC3 Monkey Business crew more by hearing them answer random questions! They didn't know what was going to be asked so all of the answers are spur of the moment. Let's hear what your answers are to these questions!

Movie Making

Bill Horst-Kotter joins the Monkey Business cast to talk about movie making! Especially with the proliferation of services like TikTok and such today, can anyone be a movie maker? What are some things to think about? What kind of equipment?

Not A Book Club: Battlestar Galactica

Not A Book Club is back! This week we're talking about Battlestar Galactica, both the original 1978 series and the new 2004 series. So much happens in both we're only skimming the surface, but we'd love to hear your opinions on both of them! And what's your answer to the Question of the Week?

Brainstorming with a Twist

How do we come up with these ideas for FC3 Monkey Business? We brainstorm! Some ideas are good, some not so much. Listen as we talk about the merits of each. And if you have any ideas for episodes, we're always open to new ideas!

Interview with Jeremy Crawford

This originally aired March 28, 2018. Wizards and Fighters and Thieves! Oh, my! This week on FC3 Monkey Business, C. and the gang talk to Lead Designer and Managing Editor of the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, Jeremy Crawford. After that, stick around for our Upcoming Events, Everyday Heroes Shout Outs and Our Question of the Week!

Lord of the Rings

Chris, Tanya, Billy, and special guest James Irish, talk about Lord of the Rings and does it stand the test of time?

Comic Strips!

Chris, Tanya and Billy, with special guest James Irish, discuss comic strips throughout the years!

Let's Talk Lockdown

We hope everyone is surviving lockdown! Listen in to see if we are!

Bad Movie Sequels

Join Chris, Tanya and Billy as they talk about bad movie sequels.

Doctor Who Series 12 Recap

Chris, Tanya, and Billy are joined by Elizabeth (Lady of Time Cosplay) to talk about the latest season of Doctor Who


Dan asks Chris, Tanya and Billy questions! Anything goes! Let's hear what your answers to the questions would be!

Jason Faunt Joins The Monkey Business Crew!

Future FC3 guest Jason Faunt from Power Rangers Time Force joins the FC3 Monkey Business Crew

We Are Practicing Social Distancing

We are recording together - but apart! Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who are touched upon in this episode!

Twilight Zone Nightmare at 20,000 vs 30,000 feet

Chris, Tanya and Billy discuss how the classic Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 feet from 1963 compares to the remake Nightmare at 30,000 feet.

Poetry Slam

The Monkey Business crew talks poetry!

80's Movies!

Tanya, Billy, Anne and Deanna talk 80's movies in this week's episode!

Let's talk about The Rise of Skywalker

Chris, Tanya, Billy, and special guest Billy Kidd Sit down and talk about the latest Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker!

Welcome to 2020!

Join Chris, Tanya, and Billy as they talk about the new year and what's going to be happening. Also, we'll take a few minutes to give everyone a change to get to know them better!

Amazon Prime's The Boys

A darker and very much edgier look at the Superhero Genre as Tanya, Billy and C take some time to talk about The Boys, staring Karl Urban, Elizabeth Shue and many others. Also, saying farewell to 2019 as we prepare to take our winter break.

The Muppets take Monkey Business

Billy, Tanya and Chris are joined by James Irish and Tony B to take some time to discuss music and the amazing imagination of the World of Jim Henson. Next! On ... The Mup.... er... Monkey Business!

Happy Thanksgiving!

C, Billy and Tanya take the time to chat about Thanksgiving, traditions and their favorite turkey day stories.

Know Your Nerds

Chris, Tanya, Billy and Tony are joined by MMC Blogger James Irish for James' debut in the studio. Billy has found a few Facebook "get to know you" quizzes he found entertaining and we spend some time getting to know a little more about your favorite podcasting nerds.

CHRISTMAS??!! Already!! How early is too early?

C, Billy, Tanya and Anne take the time to ask the question: How early is too early to start dealing with Christmas. Here's a hint: It's too early!

Episode 137 - Science Fiction and the Case of the Flying Car

Wayne Brown from Rochester Fantasy Fans joins C, Tanya and Billy to have a chat about what makes Sci Fi and what's the difference between that and, say, Space Opera or Space Fantasy? Gettin' deep about the cool stuff this week on Monkey Business!

Episode 136 - Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat! Well hanging out with us is always a treat, am I right? Right? Yeah? C'mon, work with us.

So yeah, Rochester is haunted...

Krissi Harding joins C, Tanya and Billy with Tony along for the fun to talk about the legit paranormal activities around our hometown of Rochester, NY. Tune in and hear all that great information about history, local places and the groups that keep an eye and ear on them!

Clowns to the left me, Jokers to the right... here I am...

Chris, Tanya and Billy are joined by Tony and Krissi Harding as they talk about the latest dark thriller The Joker.

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